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AmiPodder, the other scripts and the website are written by Robert Williams. You can contact me via e-mail at:

A considerable amount of effort has gone into the creation of AmiPodder and my other projects. If you would like to make a donation to encourage me, please use the button above.

This site is created on the Amiga and compiled using HSC.

Download podcasts using AmiPodder, play them on your Amiga and sync to a portable player.

About AmiPodder

AmiPodder is a freeware podcast client for computers running AmigaOS and other compatible operating systems. With AmiPodder you can subscribe to podcast feeds (usually for free), download episodes and then listen to them on your Amiga or transfer them to a portable music player. AmiPodder supports audio and video podcasts and has many useful features.


2nd February 2008 - Flayer 1.0 Beta 3 Released

I have updated Flayer (my script to download and playback Flash video files from YouTube and Daily Motion) to version 1.0 Beta 3. This release fixes a problem caused by YouTube changing the design of their pages.

Get Flayer 1.0 Beta 3 from the Other Projects page.

16th September 2007 - AmiPodder 1.7 Released

Version 1.7 of AmiPodder is now available, the major new feature in this release is support for Podcasts that require authentication (a username and password). In addition there are the usual minor enhancements:
  • Support for podcast feeds and episode downloads that require authentication.
  • Support for Amplifier as a player.
  • Improved podcast filename recognition.
  • Much improved requirements (libraries and MUI custom classes) checking.
  • Various bug fixes.

Get AmiPodder 1.7 from the Downloads page.

7th August 2007 - New Podcast: Amiga Roundtable (updated)

Update: The Amiga Roundtable podcast feed has changed, if you have subscribed and are not getting any new shows then please update your feed to the one now linked below.

I was very pleased to be informed that AmiZed Studios have started a new Amiga related talk podcast. As the name implies, Amiga Roundtable features a panel of Amiga users and luminaries discussing current events in the Amiga community. For further details visit the AmiZed web site or subscribe to the feed in AmiPodder.

What's a Podcast?

A podcast is a series of audio or video programmes published on the Internet in a specific way (for the technically minded, using an RSS feed with enclosures) enabling viewers and listeners to automatically receive new episodes when they are published.

In practice this means you can subscribe to a podcast by entering its feed address into a podcast client like AmiPodder and then receive new episodes of that podcast as they are published. Subscribing to a podcast is almost always free and you can unsubscribe easily whenever you like.

Once you've found a few podcasts you enjoy, AmiPodder will always have something new and interesting for you to listen to or view.